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(Credit: Sunglasses for Jaws)


Sunglasses for Jaws share 'What Does It Look Like'


Former psychedelic production duo, now a trio, Sunglasses For Jaws have released a video for their latest single ‘What Does It Look Like’.

“We ask questions for the purpose of getting answers,” newly added third member and vocalist Olivier Huband explains. “And if your question remains unanswered, you’ll just keep asking the question. Over and over. And we, humans, love to ask questions as much as we like to find answers. ‘What does it look like’ is a broad, vague, all-encompassing question that has a million different answers.

“Everything can be everything, anything can be anything. It’s a question that speeds into the highway eternally, picking up information and passengers and ideas and thoughts along the way. It’s everything that appears on your tv screen, on billboards, in your dreams, behind your eyes, the incessant overload of visual and psychological stimuli. It’s the coke can and the wet soil, and everything in between. Don’t try and answer this particular question. Trust me. The pursuit is a hell of a lot more fulfilling than the destination.”

The original makeup of Sunglasses For Jaws were producers David Bardon and Oscar Robertson, who have released three studio albums as a duo. For their upcoming release, Everybody’s Made of Bones, the duo has recruited Huband, who plays the role of a paranoid schizophrenic named Frank on the new material. Whether Huband remains in the group for the foreseeable future is unclear, but his unique bass-baritone sprechgesang has already made an impact on the band’s music. It’s an appropriately strange turn from a group not afraid to embrace the avant-garde strangeness that is deeply rooted in their DNA, and it’s a tantalising teaser for their newest album.

Check out the video for ‘What Does It Look Like’ down below. Everybody’s Made of Bones is set for a June 4th release.