Sunflower Bean returns with new song 'Come For Me' from brand new EP


Sunflower Bean have returned following their brilliant LP TwentyTwo In Blue, with not only a cracking new single ‘Come For Me’ but with the promise of a new 4 track EP King of the Dudes due out on January 25th, 2019.

“This EP does not give a fuck, it’s reactionary, and a sharpened response to our times”, singer Julia Cumming explained. “Death, birth, aggression, addiction, and power. Twentytwo In Blue allowed us to find our strength and on King Of The Dudes we use it, no holds barred.”

The first track from the album really speaks of this kind of energy. The song is both retro and warm but with a nice and cool modern kick, feeling at peace with any club scene throughout the ages.

Speaking on the song ‘Come For Me’ Julia said: “This song was inspired by inner strength, power, and sexual freedom. In 2018 there is no time to waste and no time for shame. This song is a declaration of that. Do you really want to come for me? Do you really want to waste my time? The song is a dare, a threat, and a beckoning.”

Take a listen below.