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Sun Glitters and Sarah P - Undeniable


Sun Glitters and Sarah P - Undeniable


Sun Glitters and Sarah P, who is the ex singer and face von Keep Shelly in Athens, released their collaboration EP Galaxy in February.

Far Out’s Track of the Day ‘Undeniable’ is the second single to be released from the dreampop-dreamteam’s collaborative work set to be available from April 28th.

Sun Glitters meanwhile is the glitchy, summer obsessed, sun-drenched electronic project of Luxembourg musician Victor Ferreira.

Discussing the track, Sarah P explain: “It was the last song to be recorded and it was meant to be on Victor’s album. We all loved the result and we decided to add it on the Galaxy EP. The difference from the other two is basically that it’s homemade – recorded at home, mainly through my phone. For the vocals I played with the R&B and Hip Hop rules – which gave a completely different turn to Victor’s beats.”