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Sun Club - Worm City

We know what you need on a Wednesday to see you through to that ever-glorious weekend. It’s some psyche-tinged indie pop from Baltimore. There was only one option for Track of the Day then, it had to be Sun Club and their new offering ‘Worm City’.

Building from their other bubblegum banger ‘Tropicall Lease’ the band of childhood friends are now bringing an equally off-kilter pop tune with ‘Worm City’. Taken from LP The Dongo Durango which sounds like a Hunter S. Thompson keep fit video and will be released on Oct 30th via ATO Records, the track picks up the usual deconstructed pop sounds and rebuilds them in the most gloriously unhinged way.

Permanent rhythm add to the wild vocals which play on the band’s influences of everything from DEVO to The White Stripes and The Beach Boys make ‘Worm City’ an instant smile across your face. Sunny guitars and joyous sentiment let us feel good about the week and happier about our miserable lives.

Take a listen to the track while we work out how to get the band to Britain.