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Summer's Sorted: Day Wave


Day Wave is the latest artist in a string of slacker-rock surf sounds to flood us recently, frankly we have walked to the shoreline and now we can’t wait to jump in to another dose of swelling vocals and gentle plucking guitars.

Taken from the same ilk of Beach Fossils, DIIV and other Far Out penchants Day Wave (AKA Jackson Phillips) has completed the no-easy-feat of combining melodramatic lyrics and tones with an incredibly likeable sound which smacks of seaside candyfloss and day dream of remaining in love with your childhood sweetheart but never quite doing it.

‘Drag’, whilst dealing with the issue of loneliness and the self-imagined rejection he will encounter he dreamily takes us on an ethereal 35mm imagining of life and love, or lack thereof.

On such a beautiful day we thought we’d send you in to the weekend with a sweet kiss on the cheek from Day Wave and ‘Drag’ .