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Sultan Bathery - Right On


If you needed a reason to get excited about the weekend then some lo-fi garage rock should make those fingers itch, nostrils flair and throats beg for hard liquor. Never ones to disappoint we have got Sultan Bathery with ‘Right On’ for our Track of the Day and all your bodily needs.

The band consists of a quartet of Italians and was born out of their love for the Indian town which bears the name of the band. There they got stoned, felt well spiritual  amongst the desolation and came back with a need to manifest that in to some garage rock and roll. We couldn’t be gladder as the channel an inner sense of frivolity and permeate our ear drums with every single jangle of their guitars.

Smattered with casual rhythm and flitted with the lackadaisical sound of slacker-rock stalwarts the band are starting to come of age following the release of 2014’s LP on Slovenly Recordings. With ‘Right On’ hitting all the right notes we are expecting their new EP to further the Italians cause as a contender to the Spanish dominance of garage rock in Europe.

Although similarities can of course be heard between Sultan Bathery and the Madrid double act of Hinds and The Parrots, the band seem to have a sinister edge and add a touch of grit and reality to the aforementioned band’s sunny spherical spirit.

Keep an eye on this lot and if you’re ever in Italy make sure you eat pasta and pizza it is really good there.

Just wait for Sultan Bathery to come to England.

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