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(Credit: Sukie)


Sukie releases new single 'Pink'


Manchester’s own Sukie is back with a hazy, hallucinogenic new track: ‘Pink.’

Call it bedroom pop, call it hypnagogic pop, call it wavy, call it whatever you want: it’s catchy, synthy pop music that’s weaponised to get stuck in your head, all the way down to the “la la la” chorus.

Sukie, the moniker for musician Caitlin Grace O’Shea, is still a relatively new face in the indie music scene. Her first EP, Feliz Cumpleanos Baby!, was released last year and contains some great lo-fi pop. Another single, ‘Pigs,’ and a collaboration with soul-pop artist Webmoms titled ‘Rice & Potatoes’, are the only previous releases to compare ‘Pink’ to.

All in all, ‘Pink’ seems to be a step out of the bedroom. Sure, the haziness and wavy-ness are still there, but a brighter drum loop and vocals placed louder in the mix point to an artist looking to reach beyond a few hipster kids stumbling around Spotify playlists like ‘idk.’ and ‘indie’.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it ambitious, but it’s always a good sign when an indie artist doesn’t feel like they have to drown their music in so much echo that it becomes some kind of new age Phil Spector nightmare. The shift from Feliz Cumpleanos Baby! to ‘Pink’ is a promising progression.

“It was the middle of lockdown when I wrote ‘Pink’,” she explains. “With so much free time on my hands, I found myself thinking more and more about the past, reminiscing on my teenage-hood. ‘Pink’ is about crushing on my best friends, being scared of my own sexuality, and being jealous of people who were secure in theirs. You’re so confused and hypersensitive in those years, and I wanted to capture those feelings in a song that was fun as well as sentimental.”

The video for ‘Pink’ features Sukie, decked out in a series of vibrant outfits, hanging around and singing to the camera in different settings, one of which can only be described as a disconcertingly viscous pool of liquid with just her face sticking out.

The YouTube description also says that ‘Pink’ is the first single for the upcoming EP Hey Cutie, but there doesn’t seem to be a release date for that just yet.

Check out the video for ‘Pink’ down, below.