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(Credit: Asthmatic Kitty )


Sufjan Stevens says "holistic" new music is coming soon


The singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens has announced that he will be releasing some new “holistic” music in the coming days. It’s the kind of news that will brighten up the days of all of his fans.

The last solo effort from Stevens, The Ascension, arrived in September 2020 and was the eighth studio record from Stevens. Prior to that, he has also released Aporia, a joint album with his stepfather Lowell Brams.

Now, we’re not sure how many artists are still operating their Tumblr accounts, but it’s perhaps the very reason why Sufjan Stevens is still so widely adored. His music is authentic, and his connection with his fans seems to be too.

The singer posted on his Tumblr account “new holistic music coming this week” alongside some somewhat trippy artwork.

The news has been confirmed by Stevens’ label Asthmatic Kitty, who reposted his Tumblr post on their social media accounts.

It would mark Stevens’ first solo release of 2021 and put the singer-songwriter firmly back in his most favoured position—making music. We’re counting down the days to the next Sufjan Stevens drop.