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(Credit: Asthmatic Kitty )


Sufjan Stevens releases B-side ‘My Rajneesh’

Sufjan Stevens has released his new song ‘My Rajneesh’ which acts as the B-side to his new 12-minute song ‘America’.

The new song comes as part of his new album The Ascension. The record, which has been labelled as the follow-up to Carrie & Lowell, is made up of 15 new songs and will arrive with a brand new 16-page book of the singer-songwriters drawings.

Taking on all the duties solo, Stevens wrote, recorded and produced all the new material. Furthermore, the musician created and design the cover and album art which can be viewed below.

“I was dumbfounded by the song when I first wrote it,” Stevens said in a statement. “Because it felt vaguely mean-spirited and miles away from everything else on Carrie & Lowell. So I shelved it. But when I dug up the demo a few years later I was shocked by its prescience.

“I could no longer dismiss it as angry and glib. The song was clearly articulating something prophetic and true, even if I hadn’t been able to identify it at the time. That’s when I saw a clear path toward what I had to do next.”

Stream the latest effort, below.