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'Succession' creator explains Kendall's breakdown in season 3 finale

One of the most acclaimed shows on television right now, Succession has managed to maintain the momentum of its excellent run with yet another engaging season. With the stakes being raised in each episode, the latest season has finally come to an end as the Roy siblings fight for control of a fading dynasty whose ageing tyrant is too stubborn to relinquish his throne.

This new season has mostly revolved around the petulant adventures of Kendall Roy (played by Jeremy Strong) who embarked on a one-man mission to take down his father’s empire. Having catastrophically failed at that, the show beautifully chronicled his quasi-ascent and rapid descent like a modern-day Icarus fuelled by narcissistic rants on social media and a self-aggrandising view of his work.

Kendall’s arc was rounded off in the third season’s finale as he finally opened up to his siblings Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) about his involvement in the death of a young boy, after having battled against them for most of the season. It is an emotionally charged moment of reconciliation and fraternity, following his accidental suicide attempt which was reminiscent of the opening sequence of Sunset Boulevard.

In a recent interview, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong commented on the final episode’s remarkable scene by claiming that he had envisioned that particular moment from the very beginning. “I knew what was going to happen with Tom and Shiv at the end,” Armstrong said. “But honestly – I found it hard. I’m kind of a workman-like writer. I don’t have writer’s block. I get down to it. I go for it, and then I refine and work on things.”

After having worked on that scene for a while, Armstrong felt that it was perfect because the new season had been leading up to that moment. The creator insisted that the moment was “psychologically real” because there was resistance to the truth and when it came out, the siblings reacted according to their own natures instead of succumbing to cheesy tropes overused in television.

Watch the trailer for the new season of Succession below.