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(Credit: Studio Ghibli)


Studio Ghibli announces new film 'Aya and the Witch'


Famed Japanese animation film company Studio Ghibli has announced, Aya and the Witch, the long-awaited new film.

The new project arrives as the first feature-length project that is fully 3D CG-animated. The film is loosely based on Diana Wynne Jones’ 2011 children’s book Earwig And the Witch.

Aya and the Witch, which has been overseen by Studio Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki, was directed by his son Goro Miyazaki.

“If Pippi Longstocking is the story of the world’s strongest girl, Aya is the story of the world’s smartest girl. Aya is cheeky but somehow cute,” the studio said in a statement through EW.

Adding: “I hope she is loved by many types of people. By the way, I thought Aya reminded me of someone, then it turned out it was Goro himself, who was the director of the movie. When I told that to him he looked bashful.”

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In other Studio Ghibli-related news, the company has announced that the score for Princess Mononoke will be available on vinyl for the first time.

The film’s soundtrack will now be available on vinyl for the first time ever as Joe Hisaishi’s beloved score is being released this year via Norma Records.

The 1997 film from Hayao Miyazaki is one of Ghibli’s most beloved animated films and uses it’s fantasy setting to teach very real lessons about environmentalism. It’s appeal is just to do with the beguiling story, Hisaishi’s score has been cited as one of the best.

The LP will be released in three parts: Princess Monokoe (Symphonic Suite), which was recorded as a suite with the Czech Philharmonic a year after the movie’s release. Princess Mononoke (Soundtrack) which is a new recording of the full score with the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra and vocals by Yoshikazu Mera.

The final release will be Princess Mononoke (Image Album), which was recorded before the soundtrack was made and based on Miyazaki’s own personal notes.

All of the LPs will feature remastered audio, liner notes and, perhaps most importantly, new artwork. They will all be released on July 24th and pre-orders can be made here at Norman Records.