Stream: The Beatles (White Album) Super Deluxe


It’s easy to get lost in everything that The Beatles did. Ask 100 people on the street who The Beatles are and almost everyone will know. Ask those same 100 people what their favourite album, song or member is and you’ll get a whole host of different answers. But for many die-hard fans, when looking for the best Beatles LP, you can’t see past the White Album.

Recorded in 1968 and celebrating its 50th birthday the album was written as the band was beginning to go their separate ways. It’s something you can hear throughout the record as they individually begin to write and record songs which would later form their solo work. This new offering shows you how these tracks got their gleaming halos.

The original album was an organic masterpiece, a triumph of undeniable talent, not a purposefully constructed art piece like Sgt. Pepper was the year before. The deluxe edition does a good job at connecting the dots from dusty demos to the album we all love as well as some added extras.

The seven-disc offering has everything from meandering 10-minute version of ‘Revolution 1’ to the scrappy (and later shelved) song called ‘Let It Be’ all under the 27 Esher Demos. If you’re a fan, you will enjoy spending the weeks and months deciphering every note and every lyric and how they eventually grew to become the pinnacle of the Beatles’ recording.

We could go through this with a fine comb but honestly, where’s the fun in that? The truth is we, as well as (we imagine) the band, want you to enjoy pawing through this as much as we did.

Whether you want to hear the first murmurs of some of your favourite songs or are keen to hear the new 2018 mix of the 50-year-old album, one thing is for sure, when you break it down The Beatles are still the best around.