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Stream: Jamie T drops an album of B-Sides and hints at a new album


One for the books, Jamie T has found time between collaborating with Miles Kane and being a general lad to unearth and release an album full of B-sides from his Panic Prevention era and beyond, as well as hinting at a new album.

Taking to social media to make the announcement the rag-tag indie star has made fans across the nation and beyond screech like small schoolchildren with the announcement. The songs in B Side (06 – 17) are a compilation of some of his early work all the way through his career, and because of that are bristling with insight and wry smiling lyrics which brought Jamie T to the fore.

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Jamie T’s statement reads: “When I was making Panic Prevention my good old mate joe (aka the muse) went off to university in Bristol. Excited and slightly homesick he called me up to tell me about this computer program that allowed him and other students to share all their music with each other!! After a moment of silence the reality hit him, it meant at least 15 of my demos had accidentally been dropped in one day. And that was how we celebrated the fact that joe had gone to university!!!”

“That is where this group of songs starts with Fox News and Oh My Girl. I have written a lot of music over the years. Most of it unreleased living on three dusty computers in a very secure location (under my bed). Those songs will have their day at some point, in the meantime I hope this collection of tracks will satisfy those who want a more comprehensive set of songs available digitally. From those written in my childhood bedroom, to Thomas Dunn written in Corktown Detroit, it spans many years of bsides from limited edition vinyl to tracks released for free on the net.”

“Some more finished than others, they are what they are and I’m proud to put them out together as a strange mutant piece of work for you now. Hope you enjoy it . Much love and respect – Jamie t.

P.s new music is on its way …….. when it’s READY”

Take a listen here.