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(Credit: Maya Hawke)


Listen to Stranger Things star Maya Hawke's latest single 'Coverage'


Stranger Things star Maya Hawke has released her latest single ‘Coverage’ which is taken from her debut record Blush which will arrive on June 19th.

Explaining the meaning behind the track, Hawke said in a statement: “‘Coverage’ is a song I wrote about spending so much of my life and energy living in other people’s stories, other people’s love affairs and other people’s pain… while still trying to hold onto my own. Trying to be present in my own truth, my own relationships.”

Hawke’s foray into music was an unexpected one even for her, she added in the statement: “This album happened accidentally. From my point of view, Blush is a collection of secret messages, hidden communications with the people in my life.”

In a previous statement she released to accompany her previous single ‘To Love A Boy’ which she shared last summer, Hawke wrote: “I’m a professional actor, but I’m not a professional musician, so I wanted to do the whole thing really not professionally. So I spent all my own money to make the video and I had to rent the mermaid costume, which ended up being incredibly shitty, but in a way that I think is really funny.”

‘Coverage’ is glorious and shows another side to her immense talent despite it just being a passion project for the actor.

Take a listen to it, below.