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The art of Stranger Things: 200 artists combine to create incredible new book


Over 200 artists have joined forces to create the art of Stranger Things, putting their unique spin on Netflix’s leading series.

The work has been collected into a new book entitled Visions From the Upside Down: A Stranger Things Artbook and will be a 300-page collection exploring the world of Stranger Things and all those that live within it.

Being released by publisher Penguin and Random House, the book description reads: “The more than 200 artists featured, drawing from the earthly dimensions of comics, illustration, fine art, videogames, and animation, have come together to bring us a unique vision of the world of Hawkins, Indiana.

“The 200-plus brand-new images have been created specifically for this volume, which also includes an all-new introduction. Come dig into this collection and see what new worlds you might discover lurking just beneath the surface.”

The book will be released on October 15, 2019 and you can see a little glimpse inside, right here:

(All images via Visions From The Upside Down)