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Strange Lot live up to their name with ‘Born’


Hailing from Arizona Strange Lot do a fine job of making their psyche tinged sound feel as dusty and hot as the desert in their homeland. That’s something they achieve effortlessly on new single ‘Born’ taken from the forthcoming album Gods and Clods. The trio channel all the touch points of alt-rock, hitting ‘sounds-like’ buttons labelled Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco and a whole host more. But what really sets them apart is this brilliant video.

The video is essentially Morph on shrooms, I mean, it is almost literally that. The video sees the evolution of man where he forgoes the inventions of fire and the wheel and instead gets high on magic mushrooms and waits for his lady love. It’s not exactly the storyboard of the year but is charming and entertaining in its own right.

The video is so good you may be distracted away from the music, which would be a great shame. Although the influences cited above may seem a bit generic Strange Lot manage to channel the same hazy and smoke filled sound without feeling contrived.

A band with a lot of potential to go forth, as long as they stay of the shrooms and invent the fire