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Strange Cages - Desert


Well, well, well Wednesday has come round again and while the sunshines the beckoning of that ever-fleeting fancy of the weekend is growing louder and more obtuse. In the menatime though feel free to suckle at the garage-psyche teat Far Out has placed in front of your gaping mouth. That teat comes in the form of Brighton trio Strange Cages and their song ‘Desert’ our superb Track of the Day.

Built up of whirring guitars and a relentless and poignant vocal, this track has the same ferocity you would expect to hear coating the walls in sweat of the dirtiest, heroin dripping  60’s club. It’s influences are many but they draw most fervently from The Stooges and other American teenage insanity and with it they bring a necessary carnage.

‘Desert’ clearly denotes it’s titles origin sounding both vicious and cold whilst still sounding homemade and raw. Something that producer Theo Verney has accomplished with effortless class and realism, keeping the skin tingling riffs and pounding drums zipping through your veins for days after your first hearing.

Strange Cages’ mix of Garage, Psyche and Punk in the grand scheme of music isn’t a particularly new idea, but it has a fresh and raw sound which resonates across an otherwise repetitive scene. Playing with themes of raucous love and cold hearted joy the band really excel in this record with a clear DIY ethos. Strange cages spraying their technicolour, amphetamine riddled piss across the industry; marking their territory for their own exciting future.

Released as a free download we suggest you not only go and get this on your iPod, phone or other device – we’re not picky – as soon as possible but also keep your eyes open for any gigs coming up. They are notorious in their native Brighton for being as passionate as they are unhinged, establishing themselves as one of the must-see live performers. When coupling this with the potential this record sets out for them we think 2014 might just be Strange Cages year.



Jack Whatley