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(Credit: Stian Westerhus)


Stian Westerhus shares new song 'Chase The New Morning'


Norwegian musician Stian Westerhus is back with a new cut taken from his forthcoming album and is a homage to the Hong Kong riots.

On his new project, Redundance, Westerhus is in a reflective mood as he teams up with London label House of Mythology for the release. “Personally, this album is about looking back, alone, on what led to [2016 album] Amputation,” Westerhus told The Quietus about the release. “I had forgotten these songs. I wrote them partly for others when asked to compose for orchestras and festivals, and I played them and I sang them, and I forgot them as the storm calmed and night fell. And just as I am damn sure I will be a haunted man again, these songs, these pieces, they came back and found me.”

On his new song, ‘Chase The New Morning’, Westerhus attempts to channel his energy in the emotion felt by the uprising in Hong Kong, a song which he believes is a homage to the riots occurring on a daily basis in the country.

“‘Chase The New Morning’ is a song about the oppressive regime of China; it’s ways of controlling the masses through technology and finance,” Westerhus said of the song. “A new modern-life cultural revolution lifting millions out of poverty and into submission.”

He added: “Now, a year on from when I first wrote it, the song is a direct homage to the Hong Kong riots. Liberate Hong Kong. The revolution of our times.”

Stream it, below.