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The isolated guitar track for Stevie Ray Vaughan song 'Pride and Joy' proves he was a genius

There aren’t many people who can hold a candle to the legendary guitar player Stevie Ray Vaughan. Such was his dynamic command of the instrument that he was quickly named as the successor to Jimi Hendrix when he began plying his trade in the late seventies and early eighties.

Vaughan became one of the most revered names in rock and roll for a few years as he not only provided searing licks for legends like David Bowie but pursue a sense of artistic freedom that few had experienced since the aforementioned counterculture poster boy.

However, tragedy would strike in 1990 after Vaughan sadly died in a helicopter crash. By that time, Vaughan’s performances with the guitar had already marked him out as one of the greatest of all time which, considering he had barely been in the mainstream for a decade when he died, was no small feat. However, when you listen to the isolated guitar of Vaughan for his song ‘Pride and Joy’ it suddenly becomes a little clearer.

The guitarist’s debut album with Double Trouble Texas Flood was a remarkable moment in the young guitarist’s career. Not only was he finally being given the spotlight he deserved but he was approaching it with sincere artistry too. The track was originally written as a tribute to his girlfriend (then penning ‘I’m Cryin” after a fight) but accurately displays his genius, and perhaps not for the reason you might think.

When one muses on the talent of Stevie Ray Vaughan, more often than not they will point to the kind of swashbuckling solos that would have Hendrix heading for the practice room and every other axeman back to their day jobs. However, on ‘Pride and Joy’ he displays a searing knowledge of rhythm guitar and what can take it up to the next level. Written in a classic 12-bar blues rhythm, the song could have easily become a little dull, but with the scintillating variations he implements, SRV kicks things up a notch or two.

Muted chord chops and mind-melting movements make the isolated lead guitar for the song really shines. The isolated guitar track perfectly demonstrates the blistering skills Vaughan had at his disposal, in the below track is everything that made Stevie Ray Vaughan a uniquely talented individual.