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(Credit: Ralph Arvesen)


Stevie Nicks wants you to stay inside


Stevie Nicks has released her latest journal entry which sees the Fleetwood Mac leader talk about the importance of wearing a mask and staying inside amid the current health crisis.

The Fleetwood Mac vocalist’s entry was written on July 17th and starts on a more uplifting note where she discusses the pure euphoria that comes from listening to Pandora at 6:50 am: “Feeling slightly euphoric and inspired to be alive and still be able to feel young and safe here,’” she writes.

However, Nicks’ euphoria soon dissipates when she sees the news which utterly depresses her. “If everyone could just wear a mask and stay in as much as possible — you might be able to find this magical place I have found, in the early morning when everyone sleeps,” she continues.

“In order for us all to get back to our former lives — we must all change into spiritual warriors. We must make it our mission to fight the virus; otherwise there is nothing left,” she adds, noting that there is no way to “rewind” and emphasizes the necessity to take preventative measures immediately for a promising future. “I want to go back on the road. I want to sing for you again. I want to put on those high black suede platform boots and dance for you again. I want you to forget the world and sing with me.

“Please don’t throw this world away,” she implores. “Please don’t give up on humanity and let this virus win this war. It is up to us now.”

Read the entry in full, below.