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Listen to Stevie Nicks' stunning isolated vocals for 'Rooms on Fire'


Stevie Nicks is a musical and pop culture icon. From her work in Fleetwood Mac to her solo endeavours, there’s so much to love about Nicks and her wonderful witch-like persona.

Although some of Nicks’ fan favourite work that first comes to mind derives in the form of her earlier albums and work with Fleetwood Mac – such as the Rumours album – there are so many iconic songs and albums that show off her unique talents both in songwriting and as a vocalist. Buckingham Nicks, Bella Donna, The Wild Heart. The list goes on and on. Pretty much everything she does reaches iconic status, and one of the things that makes Stevie Nicks such a star is the distinct quality of her voice and performance.

No matter what the material she opts to sing, you can pick Stevie Nicks’ voice out of a crowd of thousands. Her raspy, strong, folky sound is entirely her own. One of the songs in which her voice shines best, it has to be said, is ‘Rooms On Fire’. Not only do the harmonies offer a remarkably full sound, but the song shows off her range and the personality her voice carries so well.

The song itself was inspired by producer Rupert Hine. Of the process, Nicks said: “The night I met Rupert Hine was a dangerous one. He was different from anyone else I had ever known. He was older, and he was smarter, and we both knew it. I hired him to do the album before we even started talking about music. It seemed that we had made a spiritual agreement to do a magic album.”

When it comes to the actual moments and events that inspired the song, she went on to explain: “In a fabulous Dutch castle, at the top of the mountain. We recorded it in the formal dining room where upon the walls hung all these very old and expensive pieces of art – looking at us – we were never alone. It always seemed to me that whenever Rupert walked into one of these old, dark castle rooms, that the rooms were on fire. There was a connection between us that everyone around us instantly picked up on, and everyone was very careful to respect our space”.

Although the song on its own is exquisite, when you listen to the isolated vocal track, there’s something deeply chilling about it, almost as if you’re in that castle with them. It allows Stevie Nicks’ voice to power through, all while also demonstrating the soft nature and intimacy that inspired the song in the first place.

You can listen to Stevie Nicks’ isolated vocal performance of ‘Rooms On Fire’ below.