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Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks reveals she's working on a 'Rhiannon' film


There are too few songs about folkloric Welsh witches if you ask us. Even fewer films. Luckily, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks is working hard to put that right. The band’s seminal song ‘Rhiannon’ remains one of their most iconic hits and now it may well hit the silver screen.

The ‘Rhiannon’ singer is said to be moving forward with plans to make a film about the titular character and will look to use the Welsh myths which inspired her as her main influence.

The track ‘Rhiannon’ remains a clear fan favourite and still features in much of the band’s ‘best of’ sets. Written for Fleetwood Mac’s seminal self-titled album in 1975, shortly after Nicks and her then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham joined the band. The most perfect pop song, written about a witch.

Nicks discovered the folkloric Rhiannon in the seventies through a novel called Triad by Mary Bartlet Leader. The novel revolves around a woman named Branwen who is possessed by another wild woman named Rhiannon.

While there is mention of the Welsh legend of Rhiannon in the novel, the characters in the story bear little resemblance to their original Welsh namesakes as both Rhiannon and Branwen are major female characters in the medieval Welsh prose tales of the Mabinogion.

This was a fact that Nicks found most intriguing, as she had written the song without the knowledge of the Welsh folklore but found so much of it applicable to her own musings. After writing the song, Nicks even began work on a larger Rhiannon project based on the Welsh Goddess, writing some songs in anticipation of its completion. Now, it would seem, those songs have a place to go.

“Last year, I made a pitch to everybody that when this Fleetwood Mac tour is over, I’m taking next year off because I want to work on my Rhiannon book/movie,” said the singer to Rolling Stone.

“And I want to maybe work with some different producers… I don’t know what I want to do! I just know that I don’t want a tour! I have some Rhiannon poetry that I have written over the last 30 years that I’ve kept very quiet,” she explained.

“I’m thinking, ‘Well here I have all this time and I have a recording setup.’ And I’m thinking I’m going to start doing some recording. I’m going to start putting some of these really beautiful poems to music, and I have the ability to record them. So that’s on my to-do list.”

In lockdown like everybody else, Nicks reflected don the strange times saying: “What all we have right now, if you’re home in quarantine, is time, unless you’re taking care of kids. So, really, you could do anything you wanted that you’ve been wanting to do your whole life. So that’s how I’m trying to look at it.”