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The sexy song that Stevie Nicks calls her favourite


Trying to pick one’s favourite Fleetwood Mac song is a troublingly difficult task to complete. We imagine that issues around doing so ar dramatically increased when you were the central figure of both of those careers. Of course, we’re talking about the imposing talent of Stevie Nicks.

The diminutive singer became a worldwide sensation in the mid-seventies after she and longtime partner Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac. Soon enough, Nicks began to lead the band both on stage and in the recording studio writing songs. Nicks’ talent for lyrics is undeniable and the singer’s name can be attributed to some of the most potent songs in pop. But which one, of all her incredible songs, is her favourite?

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in 2009, Nick gave a rundown of some of her most cherished songs from her time both with and without Fleetwood Mac. The list of songs, apart from being incredibly impressive, was also clearly a rundown of her greatest songs meaning it contained ‘Edge of Seventeen’, ‘Landslide’, ‘Gypsy’ and more. But it did include one track which could well be Nicks’ favourite of her canon.

The song, ‘How Still My Love (Still of the Night)’, featured both on the long list of Nicks’ favourite and her breakout solo album Bella Donna. Much of the album can be seen as an extension of what Nicks was already creating within the confines of Fleetwood Mac but ‘How Still My Love’ was entirely different from anything Nicks had written before. Speaking in 1981, Nicks said of the song: “‘Still of the Night’ was really probably one of my most romantic songs. I really wrote that about…I was feeling really romantic at the time. It’s my sexiest song. I love to sit and play it. It’s the vibe-iest song.”

As well as being a good vibe, Nicks also remembered that she had to fight record executives to have the track included on her album, “It’s the one song I said had to be on the album, and it was the one that went in and out and in and out and off and on and off and on the album in the last four months, incredibly, until finally, I knew that it would come around to people realising it’s really such a neat song even if it’s for yourself to enjoy it.”

Nicks reiterated the sexiness of the track and how it was a departure for her, “I really don’t write extremely sexual songs, never have,” she said. “I’m always going to write about the bouquets and the flowers [laughs]. But ‘How Still My Love’ really is a sexy song, and being that it’s one of my few sexy songs, when we do it on stage it’s fun. It’s kind of woozy and it’s slow, but it’s got a really great beat—kind of a strip-tease, a little burlesque, a little Dita Von Teese-y.”

The track is often quoted (as seen above) as having two titles and they arrived in a curious way. “The title actually came from two different books I saw in some hotel,” recalled Nicks to EW. “One was called How Still My Love and one was called In the Still of the Night, and I used both, but I never even opened up the books [laughs], so I have no idea what they were about. Whenever I come into a room with a library, in a hotel or whatever, I pull them all down and just sit—I get a lot of ideas that way.”

All well and good, but why is it considered Nicks’ favourite? Apart from being included in the long list of her favourites, Society of Rock reports, that during an on-stage performance of the track Nicks let slip: “This is my favourite song, it’s called in ‘In The Still Of The Night.” Whether or not Nicks was just fluffing the crowd or indeed whether she has written a new favourite song since is up for debate. But we’d rather just sit back and vibe out to one of Stevie Nicks’ favourite songs: ‘How Still My Love’.