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(Credit: Angel Manzano)


Steven Wilson announces new solo album

Prog-rock master and production extraordinaire Steven Wilson has announced details of his next album. Hoping to release the project in 2023, Wilson has confirmed that it will be a concept album. 

In a new year message posted on his website, Wilson also revealed that Closure/Continuation, the new Porcupine Tree album, will also be released next year, alongside a whole host of other projects. These extra-musical projects include a book on his life, and a box set discussing the influence of progressive music on the 1980s. 

“I hope to release in mid-2023, a big conceptual thing partly based on a short story that appears in my book,” he says of his upcoming solo album. “A long way to go yet, but I’m excited about it and where the music is taking me, something completely different again with collaborators both old and new. I remain committed to the idea of building a body of work where every album has its own personality and unique place in the catalogue.”

Wilson will also be releasing his new book, Limited Edition Of One, in March. “As well as containing some autobiographical material, it also has a lot on my ideas about music and the way things have changed in my time as a professional, lists, photos from my personal archives, conversation transcripts and even some fictional elements,” Wilson explained. 

He continued: “As there have already been a few books written about me and/or Porcupine Tree in recent years, I’ve chosen to focus on the stuff that people really don’t know about me. As you can probably guess, there will also be a special limited deluxe version.”

Later in the post, the English musician clarified that it will be followed up by a “second volume” of extra material and photos, including a CD. The disc will feature excerpts from his school bands and early demos by No-Man and Porcupine Tree.

Of the progressive boxset, Wilson said it will focus on how the “progressive sprit” of the 1970s had a huge influence on alternative and independent music in the ’80s: “Everything from Wire and Joy Division to Cardiacs and Cocteau Twins will feature,” he said.

Listen to ‘HA BLOODY HA’ by Steven Wilson below.