Steve Shelley is selling Sonic Youth's old guitar pedals


A bunch of items from Sonic Youth’s studio are currently up for auction online.

Former drummer Steve Shelley has authorised the sale of four of the band’s guitar pedals which are now available for sale on eBay. The items are being sold by New Jersey-based music shop GBDD. All four items have been listed for sale for more than $300 but are expected to fetch considerably more. The winner of each auction will also receive a Letter of Authenticity signed by Shelley.

For sale you will find the following and accompanying awesome names: a 1997 Lovetone Big Cheese fuzz pedal, a Electro-Hamonix voice box, HSW Honda Sound Works Dope Fuzz and Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem Distortion.

If you fancy bidding, you’ll find the auction here.