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Revisit the moment Steve Buscemi sang on a Lou Reed album

Steve Buscemi is one of the most widely beloved actors of our time, celebrated for his unforgettable contributions to the world of cinema. Through iconic films such as Reservoir Dogs and Fargo, Buscemi has established himself as a truly talented actor whose filmography speaks for itself.

Although Buscemi started out as a firefighter, he went on to become a prominent part of the No Wave Cinema movement during the 1980s. Despite achieving fame and success, Buscemi did not turn his back on his past as a firefighter and worked 12-hour shifts following the 9/11 attack in order to look for missing firefighters.

Buscemi is also a huge music fan and is a renowned member of the Beastie Boys fandom. In addition to that, he has also claimed that some of his favourite albums include The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Tom Waits’ Mule Variations among others. However, Buscemi took his love of music one step further when he decided to collaborate with Lou Reed on one of his records/

Titled The Raven, the album was actually based on an opera called POEtry which was inspired by the prose and poetry of the vastly influential American literary pioneer Edgar Allan Poe. In an interview, Reed was asked about the impossibility of conducting such an adaptation of Poe and he claimed he knew it was the case all along.

Talking about the project, Reed said: “Not only did I think that, but the corollary thought: This is a can’t-win situation. On one hand you’ve mauled the classic, and butchered it, and made it barbaric. Or you’ve put everybody to sleep–and you’ve mauled the classic. But the other way of thinking about it was… amazing. Fun.”

Elaborating on his artistic intentions with this particular album, Reed added: “Why have this thing with Poe and then leave The Raven alone? No, I wanted to touch that. I wanted to put my paw print all over everything, but [in Germany] we ran out of time. But I kept at it, and when it came to New York it was ready.”

According to Reed, Poe’s work anticipates our current cultural framework far better than it reflected his own generation. Despite featuring collaborations by the likes of David Bowie, The Raven is definitely one of Reed’s lesser works but this Steve Buscemi song is bound to be appreciated by most fans.

Listen to the song below.