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Stephen King criticises the decision to cancel Woody Allen book


Iconic horror writer Stephen King has reacted with concern after it was revealed that publishers have cancelled the planned release of Woody Allen’s autobiography.

Earlier this week Far Out reported that Hachette Book Group have announced their decision to cancel the release of Woody Allen’s memoir after their staff walked out in protest. King has said that he feels “uneasy” that Allen’s memoir, which was finally going to be released after it was previously deemed “unpublishable” during the #MeToo era, has been dropped.

The memoirs of the filmmaker, titled Apropos of Nothing, was due to be published on April 7th by Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group. “The Hachette decision to drop the Woody Allen book makes me very uneasy,” King said on Twitter. “It’s not him; I don’t give a damn about Mr Allen. It’s who gets muzzled next that worries me.”

“Once you start, the next one is always easier,” King added.

The publishers have announced their decision to drop Allen after their staff walked out in protest. “The decision to cancel Mr. Allen’s book was a difficult one,” senior vice president of communications Sophie Cottrell said in a statement. “At HBG we take our relationships with authors very seriously, and do not cancel books lightly. We have published and will continue to publish many challenging books. As publishers, we make sure every day in our work that different voices and conflicting points of views can be heard.

“Also, as a company, we are committed to offering a stimulating, supportive and open work environment for all our staff,” Cottrell added. “Over the past few days, HBG leadership had extensive conversations with our staff and others. After listening, we came to the conclusion that moving forward with publication would not be feasible for HBG.”

Hachette have now returned all the rights to the book back to Allen.

Allen, whose career has been tarnished amid the #MeToo era, has been embroiled in a high-profile legal battle with Amazon Studios after the film company scrapped their pre-agreed film deal with Allen. With longstanding allegations of sexual assault made against him by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow resurfacing, the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Kate Winslet, Greta Gerwig and more have expressed their regret having worked with Allen in the past.

With the controversy surrounding the filmmaker, it was suggested last year that his autobiography has been snubbed by major publishing executives who have described a potential working relationship with Allen as “toxic” in the midst of the allegations made against him.

Daphne Merkin, a writer and longtime friend of Allen, told the New York Times that Allen had spent years working on the memoir which he has now completed: “He’s not one to set the record straight, but presumably, the memoir is his side of things,” said Merkin. “He’s the kind of person who soldiers on, and someone whose work is his nutrient. Whatever vicissitudes he’s been exposed to, I think he keeps his own counsel about how all this affects and doesn’t affect him.”

The publisher has confirmed that the book will be released in France, Germany, Italy and Spain this spring, followed by countries around the world.

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