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Stella Donnelly shares reflective new travelling single ‘Flood’

Stella Donnelly - 'Flood'

With an aura of hushed reflection and brimming nostalgia, Stella Donnelly has returned with the second single from her forthcoming second album, both of which are called ‘Flood’. With even more lived-in reminiscence than her first single ‘Lungs’, the Beware of the Dog singer-songwriter is in brooding form as she moves into her new record. 

Perfectly capturing the precipice that travel presents, the beauteous new song seems to be trapped in that liminal space of looking forward and looking back that life on the road offers up with greater presentiment than hangovers and road signs. With simple swelling instrumentation and resolute musicology, the song isn’t one that looks to dazzle—it simply aims to offer up a realist rendition of a meander trapped in amber. 

The song is perfectly fitting of the “sad little adventure” she describes it as—and that is the mark of an artist who knows what they’re doing. “I wrote it in the dark depths of a Melbourne winter lockdown, where it had been raining for consecutive weeks,” she explains in the press release. 

Continuing: “Everyone around me was falling into their own version of depression at different times. It felt like a flood of trauma – yet, at the same time, we were given an opportunity of time to work through stuff that we’d been distracting ourselves [from] for so long prior to the pandemic.”

The song is a pretty little ditty that packs a punch like the proverbial floating butterfly and stinging bee. Filled with a daunting feeling of freedom within the song is reflective of how it came to be. Donnelly apparently wrote 43 tracks for Flood (which have been whittled down to 11) while travelling around Australian rainforests. “I forgot who I was as a musician, which was a humbling experience of just being,” she explains.

Along with ‘Lungs’, it all bodes well for the record. Flood is set for release via Secretly Canadian on August 26th.

You can check out the video for ‘Flood’ below. 

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