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Stella Donnelly takes shots at right-wing politicians during 2019 Glastonbury set

Writer of the track ‘Political songstress’, Stella Donnelly, took aim at right-wing Australian politicians during her set at Glastonbury yesterday. Whilst playing on the Billy Bragg ‘Radical Roundup’ stage, she decided to use the time to explain to the left field crowd the inspiration behind her track.

The Welsh-Australian singer-songwriter is used to talking heavy themes with her wit and original take. Donnelly first gained attention in 2017 with ‘Boys Will Be Boys’, which retells a harrowing rape experience. It was picked up by the #MeToo movement and named a masterpiece. Her debut album was released earlier this year Beware of the Dogs, which similarly addresses such issues as injustices for women and prejudice towards people of colour.

Donnelly, singled out David Leyonhjelm and Pauline Hanson, speaking at her Glastonbury performance, two Australian politicians. She explained that the “song is very Australia-centric, but I’m sure you can play it to some politicians here in the UK.”

She continued “We have this politician called Pauline Hanson in Australia. Oh I see some people have heard of her as I hear some hissing from the crowd, but she used to run a fish and chip shop, just for some context, then she became this prick politician. I wrote a song about her, and it’s called ‘Political Songstress’ because I kept getting put into the label of, ‘Oh, you’re just a political songwriter’, so I wrote a song about actual politics just to piss some people off. I’m also going to mention a politician called David Leyonhjelm. Don’t even Google him because he’s just an idiot.”

Shots were fired at Hanson when she said: “Oh Pauline, I thought that you’d be gone. I thought you’d be back frying the chippies. But you’re still here, singing in our ears, plucking all the hairs off our bodies,” before warning: “Don’t you ever offer me your dinner, I won’t eat it.”

The track continues: “I tried to find something that would rhyme with David Leyonhjelm, but I couldn’t. So I’ll leave it there, and go back to my lair and write some more political statements,” before concluding “You racist, bitter, frightened bigot.”

Check it out below: