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Starcrawler share new video for 'I Love L.A.'


If you don’t know anything about L.A. band Starcrawler, here’s a quick run-down. The band are quite insane. Done. Their new video for ‘I Love L.A.’ is all the introduction you really need.

Based ona couple of LA staples, the donut shop and chinese food, the band explore their former day jobs in a jovial and smart way. Making fun of former lives is always a sure fire way to connect but what makes Starcrawler really appeal is the unabashed Americana rock and roll they peddle.

On Rough Trade Records, they’re in the right place to reach their audience of snotty nosed punks and they do so with a distinct snarl that only comes from youthful arrogance, and frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

Add to this their truly incredible, and we mean incredible live show and you have a ‘ones to watch’ actually worth watching. gritty Glam Rock at it’s finest the band sit somewhere between Alice Cooper and Blondie and everywhere in between.

‘I Love L.A.’ is taken from their debut self-titled album, which is due out on Rough Trade on 19th January 2018, and is going to be bloody brilliant.

Take a look and tell us we’re wrong.