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St. Vincent Premieres 'Teenage Talk' and Ambivalence Ensues


Having recently won a Grammy for best ‘Alternative’ album has been quietly going about changing her sound, her image and by all intents and purposes her fan-base. St. Vincent is not a new band, Annie Clark has always looked to challenge her previous work, now with the premiere of ‘Teenage Talk’ on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show she has seemingly moved away from the alternative and followed the bright lights of Hollywood to the gentle creamy beige of mediocrity.

Sounding somewhere between Lorde and Taylor Swift having sex with Cara Delavigne’s rabbit (bunny) she has removed the gritty guitar, removed the startling hair and delivery and replaced it with some ‘kooky’ make up and the deluge of bland synth which backs lyrics of far higher quality than the rest of the ensemble, which in this performance, included a sport-luxe choir that didn’t sing – edgy.

I’m not going to condemn St. Vincent to the doldrums of drudgery just yet, she gave us one of the albums of the year after all, and is obviously a very talented artist but this track seems like a big fat flop over the pop saddle.

In this video especially, she’s dressed like a Hunger Games extra, singing like Taylor Swift on coke and has a song called ‘Teenage Talk’. Something tells me that as cultured as St. Vincent is, this is no mistake. Perhaps she just has her eye on Best Album this year?