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St. Vincent performs 'New York' for the Brooklyn Academy of Music


St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, has shared a brand new acoustic version of her song ‘New York’ for the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s annual gala.

The event was held virtually this year as the event complies with the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. It sees Clark in imperious form.

Below you’ll find St. Vincent’s wonderful acoustic performance of her song ‘New York’ for the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This year, the event honoured actress Cat Blanchett, author Zadie Smith and producer Jeanne Donovan Fisher.

The track comes from St. Vincent’s latest studio record, the brilliant Masseduction which arrived in 2017.

A reflective moment of the record is given even more poignancy with the stripped-back performance and is more akin to her 2018 reworked follow-up.

St. Vincent released a song called ‘The Eddy’ earlier this month, taken from the soundtrack to a new Netflix series of the same name. You can watch her performance of ‘New York’ below.