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St Vincent shares new track ‘Pills’ featuring guest vocals from Cara Delevingne


St. Vincent just covered Pearl Jam


Annie Clark knows her way around a cover. After recently taking on Rihanna and SZA’s hit ‘Consideration’ with devastating affect, and also took her shot on a Sleater Kinney number. And now she’s moved on to Pearl Jam.
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Taking on an Eddie Vedder vocal is always brave but St Vincent’s acoustic rendition of ‘Tremor Christ’, taken from the 1994 album Vitalogy, is equal to it in some of the best ways.

In a 2016 interview St Vincent made her love for the band pretty clear “I was just completely obsessed with Pearl Jam,” – speaking of her growing up.
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Clark’s love of covers sows not only a fan’s ear but also the craftmanship to make a great track. So with, The Clash’s ‘London Calling, Sleater Kinney’s ‘Modern Girl’, the mega Rihanna hit and now Pearl Jam, who’s next on the hit list?