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(Credit: Zackery Michael)


St. Vincent has shared a new playlist inspired by 'Daddy's Home'


You can always rely on St. Vincent to be committed to her art. The singer-songwriter has never met one of her own ideals she can’t fully chuck herself into. Whether it be aesthetic or sonic, Clark has always been the sort of artists that immerses herself in her output. It would seem that, for her newest album Daddy’s Home, nothing has changed.

The new record arrives on Friday (May 14) and has got the entire industry abuzz with her sleazy seventies style. But, if you can’t wait a few more days for the full-length record to land, then lucky for you, the singer has shared a playlist inspired by the album with inclusions for The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

What’s more, it’s not just a list of songs but an “enhanced playlist” that comes complete with commentary from the artist. Including songs such as Madonna’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, Biggie Smalls’ ‘Big Poppa’ and Beyonce Knowles’ ‘Daddy Lessons’ to name a few.

Throughout the commentary, Clark speaks about the concept behind her album and why she chose the songs at hand, noting that they all refer to what “it means to be a daddy.”

As reported by Rolling Stone, Clark continues: “Daddy represents to me, in the context of ‘Daddy’s Home’, a personal transformation.

“There’s a literal father, sure, but it’s also about me transforming into Daddy…[You must] become yourself and very comfortable in your own skin. You gotta walk around with that BDE. That Big Daddy Energy.”

You can listen to St. Vincent’s ‘Daddy’ playlist, below.