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(Credit: IFC Films)


St. Vincent drops title track for upcoming film 'The Nowhere Inn'


American indie rock auteur St. Vincent has been previewing her new film, a mockumentary co-written and co-starring Sleater-Kinney guitarist and Portlandia creator Carrie Brownstein, called The Nowhere Inn, for the past month or so. Finding time out from promoting her latest LP Daddy’s Home or sharing Metallica covers.

Today, Annie Clark’s worlds of music and film collide as the brains behind St. Vincent has shared the title track for the new film.

Shot during St. Vincent’s Masseduction era, ‘The Nowhere Inn’ theme is rich with cinematic scope and old school Hollywood glamour. Taking on shades of Edith Piaf, Clark sings of confusion and loss as she ventures beyond the stage into a blinding white room.

There, she sees herself from the back, picks out a pill with her name on it from the clone’s hair, and throws it back. The video ends on an abrupt “cut”, presumably from Brownstein behind the camera.

Described as a “bananas art film” by Clark, The Nowhere Inn was mostly filmed during 2019 (hence Clark’s short black hair and glam look, juxtaposing her current blonde ’70s chic persona) and was set to be released earlier before COVID ruined those plans. Clark, the modern-day David Bowie, had enough time to record a new album and completely reinvent her style before the film got an actual release date.

It’s a bit bizarre seeing a version of St. Vincent that was clearly shed at least a year ago, but Clark works so quickly that not even her own work can keep up. The Nowhere Inn is set to be released in the US on September 17.