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Sserpress - Rag the Ratz Fratz


Happy fucking Sunday from all here at Far Out, we thought we would further split those fragile heads of yours with some of the most ferocious and fear mongering music we have heard in a while. Born out of the East End of London, Sserpress are a three-piece with enough angst and aggro to make a hooded gang squeal. Their track ‘Rag the Ratz Fratz’ is our selection for this week’s Unsigned Sunday saunter around the hangover and straight into the ‘fuck monday’s.

Sserpress had been impressing everyone they came in to contact with a few years back, with electric performances and unrelenting heavy rock riffs, unwilling to compromise on sound or style they tore London a new hole.

Unfortunately since then they had become quite quiet, only surfacing for band practice and the odd performance here and there. Luckily, they are back and back with a vengeance with a new live date schedule in August for the incredibly small Alibi in Dalston, they look set to start slicing bits of London once again.

‘Rag the Ratz Fratz’ is full of the steely heavy rock guitars, with wrenching vocals and pounding, jackhammer drums but in truth it is one of many. Sserpress already have a collection of barnstormers just waiting for the fuel to set this isle of ours alight. Judging by their live show, we all want to see it burn to the ground.



Jack Whatley