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Credit: Jonathan Grado


Spotify are making playlists for your pet based on their personalities


At a moment in time when the world seems to be on the teetering edge of extinction, the idea of personalised playlists for your pets maybe be a welcome distraction or a ludicrous idea – but the fact is, a lot of people are going to use it.

The streaming platform Spotify has added yet another personalised playlist on to their site, Pets! With the streaming site saying they “consulted with experts in the pet industry” is this worthwhile or completely pointless?

Well, fairly pointless. The streaming site uses your own playlist and adds in a few dog puns for good measure. The site asks for a few pointers on your pet and is ready to accommodate all types of pets, from dog to iguana, fur to scales.

The playlist are actually pretty good. Using your own preferences as a starting point Spotify uses its algorithm to pull up some unheard gems and some unloved bangers.

Whether we need such a thing isn’t really up for discussion. The fact is, we don’t. But with the world crumbling around us, surely the idea of your favourite pooch being serenaded by its most cherished music is a dream nobody should be denied.