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Spotify, Amazon and Pandora allegedly request lower rate from US Copyright Royalty Board


Streaming giants Spotify, Amazon and Pandora are among the services that have reportedly filed requests to the US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) for a lower rate beginning in 2023. 

According to Billboard, the three-judge panel at the CRB received filings from several major streaming services requesting reassessments of their royalty rates for the period of 2023 until 2027. 

The filings reportedly show that Spotify and Amazon are both requesting 10.5% while Pandora has requested 10.54%.

During the Phonorecords period pf 2018 to 2022, the rates began at 11.4% in the first year but rose annually to 15.1% by 2022. 

This news has been met by NMPA chief executive, David Israelite, with the following statement: “Not only do [streaming services] propose rolling back rates and terms to erase all gains over the last 15 years, but they actually are proposing a structure worse than at any point in the history of interactive streaming.”

Adding: “It is disappointing, but not surprising, given how they have treated songwriters over the years, including their continued assault on the rate victory that was achieved in 2018 which they are still appealing four years late.”

These requests are yet to be responded to by the CRB who looking at the proposals and are set to make an announcement in the coming weeks.