It’s the last day of Beacons Festival and to cap off what I’m sure was a brilliant weekend Far Out favourites Splashh are headlining with their brand of shoegaze Brit Pop. Vacationour track of the day, is everything that makes this band not only a chairman of the B-town movement board but surely successors to the British rock ‘n’ roll crown.

Scunthorpe surf rock bass leads the track into the whining whirring vocals as the band pick ‘n’ mix the best of british rock. Placebo‘s vocals and subversion with the swagger of Suede and the knowing cool of Blur all get popped into the multi-coloured bag and passed around the campfire as we sit back and reminisce about joys of Woolworths.

Vacation is a great track that can pick you up after a heavy evening or throw you into the midst of the dark claws of the night. The song feels dangerously familiar as the burbling bass lead you into the harrowing chorus.The chorus and it’s sentiment are the primary reasons we picked Splashh and this slightly older release. It’s speaks of a disillusioned youth crying out to escape – escape to festivals, mainly.

 “I wanna go where nobody knows, I wanna go where nobody knows. Vacation, Vacation.”  – Vacation, Splashh

Surely that’s the reason we go to these festivals in the back end of nowhere; knee deep in mud and bodily fluids, to leave where ever you live and travel to a far off land where things are stripped back, more natural, more primal – and you can sit in a field snorting ketamine, listening to like minded people sing about like minded things.

If you’re at the festival or indeed going to one soon, then this track has to be in the playlist. It has the drive to get you there, the tune to keep you there and the reasoning to get you home. Perfect.

Jack Whatley


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