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Spiritualized to reissue 'Let It Come Down'


Psych rock/shoegaze heroes Spiritualized have announced the final instalment of their recent ‘The Spaceman Reissue Project’, a massive repackaging of the band’s first four albums. After the reissue of 1997’s Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space, now comes time for 2001’s Let It Come Down to receive the same treatment.

It all fell apart a little bit during this period,” Jason Pierce explains. “With Ladies and Gentlemen we had everything. We had Kate on keyboards, John on guitar, Damon (Reece) and Sean (Cook) on drums and bass and everything seemed to find its space in a beautiful way and then that fell apart. It just wasn’t there any more – the politics of being in a band. So, I was trying to build something out of that.”

Instead of reorganising another roster of musicians to create a new lineup of Spiritualized, Pierce decided to go in the complete opposite direction. Instead, Pierce brought together over a hundred musicians, including a full orchestra and a massive gospel choir, to maximise the new record’s sound, reassembling the band after the record was already made. The results, even for Spiritualized standards, were massive.

“It was just putting all these parts together, writing for instruments I’d never written for before, the basslines, the flutes and the French horns and I’d never done that,” Pierce continues. “Changing instruments around so I would try the bass playing the flute parts or vice versa. So when it came to actually making the record it was like ‘well, all we need to do now is replicate those on the real instruments’ which is kind of what we did.”

“An amazing time at Air Studios where we pulled in every instrument under the sun. Bass strings, bass clarinets, ten trombones. And I remember talking to Dr John [Coxon] again and he said: ‘Nobody ever stopped to say how many you SHOULD have in a section?’ because there IS no ten trombones. There is no section like that.”

The reissue will be presented in a gatefold jacket with reworked artwork by Mark Farrow. Let It Come Down is available in both a standard black vinyl pressing and limited edition ivory-coloured vinyl. The Let It Come Down reissue will be released on October 22.