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Speedy Ortiz share new video for 'Raising The Skate'


Speedy Ortiz share new video for 'Raising The Skate'

After releasing their new album Foil Deer last month, Speedy Ortiz now shares an all new video for ‘Raising The Skate’.

Speaking about the video, guitarist Sadie Dupuis said, “We met the director Casey Herz after playing a show in the basement of his feminist punk house in Allston. I love campy horror and was hell bent on doing a ‘Hausu’ send-up for our “Raising the Skate” video.

“Casey and his housemates are horror buffs themselves, and threw some ‘Suspiria’ references into the mix. We agreed that a “final girl” horror trope fit well with the song’s lyrics about a woman asserting herself to cast off the haters and naysayers,” she continued.

“I guess the idea of this video is that sometimes your problems seem like a gargantuan homicidal cat monster, but maybe your problems are really more like a regular cuddly LOLcat. Fun fact: this is the first time in which members of Speedy Ortiz have had to physically fight one another on camera (although I did do some luchadora-style wrestling in our “Tiger Tank” video).”

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