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Speedy Ortiz share fantastic new video for 'I'm Blessed'

Speedy Ortiz have shared a brand new video for their album track ‘I’m Blessed’. The album Twerp Verse, which came out to rapturous applause back in April still has some gifts to give it seems. As such with named it our Track of the Day.

The animated video uses clay at its centre point and offers a perfect accompaniment to the dirge-y indie sound the band provides on the killer track. A gorgeous storyboard and some intricate and charming work makes this one of favourite videos in a while.

Animator and clay-genius Hannah Darrah said “I was given an incredible amount of freedom and trust when making the music video for ‘I’m Blessed’, the song already had so much creative imagery and Sadie, herself, was a great inspiration. I hope viewers are able to appreciate the idea that we have the ability to summon different aspects of ourselves and we have the power to use those traits to save us from our own snakes and coyotes.”

Take a look below.