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Speedy Ortiz - Raising the Skate

Far Out’s Track of the Day this fine Wednesday is dedicated to the return of one of our favourite stateside outfits Speedy Ortiz.

‘Raising the Skate’ is the first song to be unveiled from the band’s upcoming album Foil Deer, which will be released via Carpark Records April 21st.

The track comes armed with a truly infectious guitar riff, bringing about memories of The Breeders at their fuzziest.

Frontwoman Sadie Dupuis explained that the track could be considered as something of a mission statement for the way in which she feels young women are often treated in popular culture as “overbearing or bitchy” when they have something to say.

Beyond the social commentary, however, this is a track that above all will make you want to get up and lose it. If this first glimpse is anything to go by, the album is set to be the most rounded and consistently engaging output Speedy Ortiz have treated us to to date.

Listen to ‘Raising the Skate’ below.

Patrick Davies