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Sparks are working on a new album

Sparks, the group comprised of brotherly duo Ron and Russell Mael, have shared a new update, revealing that they’re working on the follow-up to their most recent album, the 2020 effort A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

Taking to Instagram this week, Ron and Russell shared their news from the studio, writing: “Studio update. #newsparksalbum”. Understandably, fans are very excited for the new record, as Sparks have enjoyed something of a creative resurgence since they dropped A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip. In fact, it’s been a busy few years for the Mael’s. Last year, they were the focus of Edgar Wright’s documentary The Sparks Brothers, which was a gleeful ode to their unfettered creativity. 

Also last year, Sparks released their film, Annette, which they wrote the story and music for alongside director Leos Carax. In November, they sat down with Far Out‘s Tom Taylor to discuss the film, and provided some slightly obscure insight on the making of what was one of 2021’s most entertaining movies. 

“I think it’s always been inherent with what we do that we like coming from a special place and doing something that you really do think is unique,” Russell Mael explained. “With a movie musical in this day and age we feel that there are ways to do it that are not cliched and not reliant on past forms.”

He continued: “So, stylistically too with Annette, from one scene to another the music may not be consistent stylistically so it has different tones and styles throughout the movie. I think that was something that both we and also Leos Carax, the director, liked. He is a fan of Sparks and so he is aware of our chameleon-like style, and we can shift from different styles from one song to another or one scene to another. I think that adds to the feel of not really knowing where this film was coming from.”

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