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Spanish band Delorean announce decision to split up


Spanish alternative dance band Delorean have announced their decision to call it a day.

The band, originally formed in 2000 and made up of vocalist and bassist Ekhi Lopetegi, guitarist Tomas Palomo, keyboardist Unai Lazcano and drummer Igor Escudeo, blended punk rock and electronic music in the boom of the time.

Having released seven full-length albums in their time together, the band have announced their split in a lenghty statement. It reads:

“A singer once said that “forever” never lasts, and we’ve been no exception. Our career never had a clear starting point; it just kind of came together as the result of narrowing an uncertain path. It’s obvious that it was never the product of simple spontaneity, rather a series of small decisions whose objective was nothing less than remaining faithful to the desire to write songs, make records. After all this time, our adventure, or journey, ends consciously and clearly, with the peace of mind that comes from a unanimous decision. We end, then, remaining faithful to what music and art are or should be: doing whatever one wants, and loving whatever one does.

“To say that we are no longer the same people today we were when we began is perhaps too obvious: A lot can happen in 18 years (10 for Guille, 8 for Tomás). But it’s still true. We’ve put out six LP, two EPs, and some singles. We have traveled up and down the Spanish peninsula the whole time, getting to know many of its corners, but we’ve also been lucky to travel the world. We’ve gotten to know Europe, Russia, Mexico, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Japan, China, Australia, the U.S., Canada… And memory also takes us back from the Norwegian fjords to the crater of Wenchi, from Vladivostock to Galicia, from California to Montreal, from Vancouver to Beijing, from Tokyo to Manila… We’ve given concerts in some of the least expected places, in front of the least expected audiences. We’ve lived through unforgettable experiences and we’ve met wonderful people all over the place. We could say that we know the world a little better, and now that we’re going, we can’t help but remember it fondly.

“We’ve had the fortune to enjoy a continuity and recognition at the national level for which we can’t help but feel both grateful and proud. We have had a career, in the end, with the work, the sacrifices, and the rewards that come with it. We’ve also obtained international recognition, especially in the US, where we have done multiple national tours, and we have filled clubs in the big cities of the country: LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, where we have played more than 20 times, turning it into a kind of second home. We have recorded albums with respected people, both here and abroad, and almost always with the luck of meeting the right people in the right moment. The list of anecdotes is too long to include in a press release.”