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Spacemen 3’s Pete Kember directs new Beach House 'Drunk In LA' video


Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom, otherwise known as Pete Kember, has directed the new Beach House “Drunk In LA” video.

The track, which appears on Beach House’s most recent album 7, has been given some trippy visuals by Kember. “We were out having dinner and [Sonic Boom] mentioned an idea for a video where the viewer is always looking up from the ground,” Beach House said in a press release.

“When he sent it to us, we complimented and commented on the trippy, dreamlike nature of the video and he wrote that it was essentially just a day in his life.”

Here’s the video:

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For their new record, Beach House decided against working with their longterm collaborator and co-producer Chris Coady in favour of working with Kember: “We were letting creativity have full rein, with no anxiety of, ‘Will this be able to be reproduced live in concert?’” the band said at the time of its release.

“When you think of like a movie about the music industry, there’s always that controlling producer guy. We’ve never been a band that’s wanted to work with that kind of producer. That’s going to be toxic, and games are going to get played, and egos are going to get thrown around. With Peter, we never felt like that. There was a silent encouragement to be constantly open to things. It was a spirit of, “Even if it’s foolish, it’s probably a great idea.”