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Sorority Noise cancel tour following rape allegation

Sorority Noise has cancelled their upcoming tour dates following a rape accusation against frontman Cameron Boucher.

In a now-deleted Facebook post by One Hundred Year Ocean’s Nicole Schoenholz, the allegations first surfaced. She wrote” “Fuck SN and OG because CB is a fucking scumbag who raped a friend of mine.” The initials OG refer to Boucher’s other band, Old Gray.

While the accusations only referred to his initials, more details emerged by a Reddit user who claimed to be Schoenholz and used his first name in a post on a thread about the allegations. “My friend stayed the night with Cam while he was in college and she woke up to Cam fucking her while she was asleep,” they wrote. “This isn’t a unique situation or one off ‘missed step’.”

Now the band have taken the decision to cancel a planned performance in London.

“Our team is doing its due diligence and looking into the matter as quickly as possible,” the band wrote in a statement on Twitter. “We are looking after Cam and taking him to receive treatment to ensure his health at this time,” the statement continued.

Concluding: “We are sorry to let any of you down and extend our deepest regrets to those affected.”