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Credit: Sophie


SOPHIE's debut EP to get a vinyl repressing

Electronic pioneer SOPHIE’s debut EP, Nothing More To Say, is getting a vinyl reissue, eight long years after it was first released. The stellar EP was released by Glasgow indie label Huntleys + Palmers in February 2013, and since SOPHIE’s tragic death earlier this year, it has become one of the most sought after releases the late producer ever created. Prices for original pressings have increased exponentially. 

Per a report in DJ Mag, Huntleys + Palmers head honcho Andrew Thompson, made the decision to press more affordable copies to combat rising prices. Following in the spirit of SOPHIE, the proceeds from the new batch of pressings will be donated to The Scottish Trans Alliance. 

A description of the listing on Huntleys + Palmers Bandcamp page explains: “Where it all began! It was only a matter of time before SOPHIE would go on to change music for the better. We will be forever fortunate that our paths crossed and this special record marks a moment in time of endless possibilities.”

Details of the release for the repressing are yet to be released, but many are expecting it sometime in early next year. SOPHIE died in a sudden accident in Athens back in January. She was climbing up to a rooftop to watch the full moon when she fell to her death. In the wake of the shocking accident, the world of music filled social media with heartfelt tributes. 

Back in June, SOPHIE’s brother, Ben Long, revealed his plans to release her music posthumously, as “there are literally hundreds of tracks”, he told Billboard. He also said: “The most important thing for us is doing right by SOPHIE — putting stuff out that SOPHIE was happy with and would want to be out.”

Back in May, a collection of SOPHIE’s closest friends and creative associates launched the art auction ‘God Is Trans‘, and donated all proceeds to the Trans Justice Funding Project.

Listen to SOPHIE’s ‘HEAV3N SUSPENDED’ mix below.