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(Credit: Mute Records)


Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo shares cover of John Lennon song ‘Isolation’


At a time when millions of people are forced to remain home amid strict social distancing measures, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo has delivered the message with a rousing cover of John Lennon song ‘Isolation’.

Ranaldo, who released a collaborative new album with Raul Refree earlier this month, has again dipped into the archives to provide some light entertainment during this difficult time.

“During this time of enforced global confinement – the ‘planetary pause’, as I’ve been calling it, I’ve been sorting thru some old releases, and came across my version of John Lennon’s ‘Isolation’, which was recorded back in 1991 and released on the 1998 album Amarillo Ramp (for Robert Smithson),” Ranaldo said of the song.

“Our dear, departed friend Epic Soundtracks (Swell Maps, These Immortal Souls, Crime and the City Solution) played drums on the track, and I’ve always loved both the original and the version of the song we made, almost 30 years ago now… I thought it could be timely to re-present this track as relevant to our current moment. For video accompaniment I sent a request to friends far and wide around the globe, asking for brief personal video clips of the confinement from wherever they were – what they saw out on their streets, in their living spaces; whatever subjective view on our current situation they wanted to send me. I cut them
all together to the song as a sort of informal, intimate record of this moment.”

Stream the track, below.