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(Credit: Bertrand / Wikimedia)

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon was once put in "Disney jail" for smoking weed at Disneyland

Sonic Youth’s very own Kim Gordon has been reminiscing about a time she was busted at Disneyland for smoking weed, a crime punishable by spending a night in “Disney jail”.

Gordon, promoting her debut solo album No Home Record which will be released next week, Gordon was in nostalgic mood in a recent interview with The Guardian when remembering her youth growing up in Los Angeles.

While studying political sciences, Gordon and a friend escaped from school work and spent the day at Disneyland. Searching for a release, the two friends headed into a cave on pirate-themed Tom Sawyer’s Island and began smoking a joint until the Disney police spotted them.

“They took us underground,” Gordon said when remembering how she spotted a “Mickey Mouse with a walkie-talkie,” in the unusual setting in which she and her friend spent all night held in a cell while creepy officers asked her: “Does your mother know you’re not wearing a bra?”

Gordon added: “I was writing this paper in my head about Disneyland and how fascist it was.

“It confirmed my beliefs about American consumerism. Consumerism is killing us.”

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